I live in Florida… yes, it can be a crazy place sometimes… but at least it’s warm!

I write a lot about Florida, hence the name. The state never lets me down when it comes to interesting topics to write about. I love this state and all its quirkiness.


I write about a few other things, too. Mental health is vitally important to me. At one point in my life I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I’ve come a long way since then, but it hasn’t been easy. BPD is not easy to recover from at all. It takes extremely hard work and die-hard perseverance. Now that I’m feeling better I believe it’s my duty to pass on the gift of maintaining good mental health to others.

I also write about writing. Somewhere along the road of my crazy chaotic life I managed to earn an English degree. Writing can be deceptively difficult–good writing that is–but I also find it fascinating.


This is my first book, which I plan to publish soon:

Sustenance & Harmony is a unique collection of recipes, photography and mindfulness practice. Included are personal stories, mindfulness exercises and advice about the process of recovery from mental illness.

Marie and I at Magic Kingdom

When I’m not blogging, I like to spy on Stephan King’s social media posts to make sure he isn’t making any of the mistakes he tells people to avoid in On Writing.

Not really. I’m not quite that psycho… just seeing if anyone is still reading.